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Door Lock with Bracket and Screws
Saw Set
Steel Band
Water Tap Cover
Sleeve Anchor
Wood Wall Plug
PVC Wall Plug
Stove Stand (round)
Stove Stand (square)
Basin Bracket
Pipe Bracket
45° Hoe (zinc)
45° Hoe - Thick (zinc)
90° Hoe (zinc)
90° Hoe - Thick (zinc)
Cement Blade
Drain Hoe (zinc)
Mini Hoe (short)
Mini Hoe - Thick (black)
Mini Hoe (zinc)
Oil Palm Knife
Small Scoop (zinc)
Small Scoop with Handle c/w Epoxy Coated (black)
Double Sided Tape
PVC Tape
OPP Tape (Brown)
OPP Tape (Transparent)